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In these years, Italian gastronomy has made great strides to offer its consumers, but also to those around the world, high quality products. The dairy sector has been aligned so that the cheese and all dairy products in general can be presented as more and more interesting organoleptic characteristics, adapting well to the greater needs of those who consume them.

Our specialty is the processing of raw milk, in particular for traditional cheeses, or for products linked to territoriality and seasonality. Supported by the experience of laboratory and practice, the White Consulence team intends to provide technical support to those in need. The cheeses and dairy products under study are specific differences between the types of coagulation, rennet, lactic, lactic-rennet. Our advice also extends to new technologies able to raise the production process, while maintaining a high quality standard.

Our Advantages

The White Consulence team is formed by professionals with experience and proven track record. For over thirty years we have been active on the products market, and export our products all over the world.

Find out now about us: the perfect team to promote or expand your business, thanks to the tradition of our land of origin.

We organize, plan and design the entire production chain. We do teaching and training staff to always have a high quality standard.

See our services: surely we will be able to help you, expanding your sales and expanding your market internationally.

We offer our consulting services worldwide. We are active in Europe and Asia, and we took care of the design and the formation of many companies in Russia, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey.

We love to travel and meet new realities, contact us now and fix an appointment with our team.


“Perfect and professional. The White Consulence team helped me by suggesting optimal solutions.”

M. Giordano, Italy

“Thanks to White Consulence managed to increase production and expand my market. Talented.”

T. Özcan, Turkey

“With their Italian quality have started to export my products throughout the Balkans.”

F. Badanu, Romania

White Consulence

Consulting and business planning for dairy companies, new or already active ones.

Technological innovation, training and openness to new national and international markets.


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